The East-West Parliamentary Practice Project (EWPPP), headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan nongovernmental organization founded in 1990 as a joint initiative of the European Cultural Foundation (NL) and the Ford Foundation (US) with the aim of providing support for parliaments in the newly emerging democracies in Central/Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

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Activities 2000

Activities 2000

Bucharest/Snagov, Romania  4-6 February 2000

Romanian parliamentary workshop: In the Public Eye – Parliament, the Media and NGOs

Rome – Lisbon, 28 February – 3 March 2000

Parliamentary study tour for Romanian MPs to the parliaments of Italy and Portugal

Sofia, Bulgaria 15-16 May 2000

Bulgarian parliamentary workshop: Regional Development: Partnership and Co-operation

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 19 May 2000

EWPPP’s tenth anniversary meeting Concluding a Decade of Change: New and Necessary Strategies for Further Strenghtening Parliamentary Democracy in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe

Warsaw/Malbork, 28 June -2 July 2000

Parliamentary study tour for Ukrainian MPs, mayors and representatives of local government to the parliament of Poland and the regional administration of Malbork Polish Administrative Transformation Since 1989

Plovdiv, Bulgaria 10-11 July 2000

Bulgarian parliamentary workshop Regional and local support to SMEs. The role of parliament, regional administrations and local authorities in creating a favourable environment for business development

Lisbon and Coimbra, Portugal 3-8 October 2000

Study tour for Bulgarian Members of Parliament to the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal and to the Regional Administration of Coimbra

Yaremcha, Ukraine 14-15 October 2000

Ukrainian parliamentary workshop: The Administrative and Territorial Structure of Ukraine: Steps and Directions for Reform

Sofia, Bulgaria 30-31 October 2000

Bulgarian parliamentary workshop: Strengthening Bulgarian Local Finances Using European Experience

Svyatogorsk, Ukraine 25-26 November 2000

Ukrainian parliamentary workshop: Parliament, Local Self-Government and Citizens -Establishing Channels of Access and Communication

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