The East-West Parliamentary Practice Project (EWPPP), headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan nongovernmental organization founded in 1990 as a joint initiative of the European Cultural Foundation (NL) and the Ford Foundation (US) with the aim of providing support for parliaments in the newly emerging democracies in Central/Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

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Podgorica, 1 March 2002

Feedback Meeting between Montenegrin MPs and NGO representatives, Legislatures and Citizens
 Podgorica, 13 November 2002
Roundtable Debate on the cooperation between Parliament and civil society in the legislative process

Podgorica, 6-8 February 2004
Public Forum “The Parliament and civil sector in transition”

Podgorica, 18 March 2005 
Parliament/Civil Society Team Meeting

Podgorica, 7 July 2005
NGO/Parliament Team meeting, Legislatures and Citizens
 Podgorica, 12-16 July 2005
Trilateral Exchange Visit of members of Parliament and NGO representatives from , Macedonia, and Montenegro

Podgorica, 17-19 March 2006 
In-country Workshop: EU Integration after the Referendum

Podgorica, 22-24 June 2006 
Assessment visit: Aspects and Techniques of European Integration

Podgorica, 20-24 June 2006 
Trilateral Exchange Visit of MP/NGO delegations from Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina met with their counterparts in Montenegro.

Podgorica, 14-15 December 2006 
Regional Roundtable: The Constitution and Minority Rights

Budva. 19-21 July 2007

In-country workshop III: Supervising role of the Parliament, Aspects and Techniques of European Integration