The East-West Parliamentary Practice Project (EWPPP), headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan nongovernmental organization founded in 1990 as a joint initiative of the European Cultural Foundation (NL) and the Ford Foundation (US) with the aim of providing support for parliaments in the newly emerging democracies in Central/Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

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Budapest, 5-7 December 1990

Hungarian workshop: Parliamentary Practice and Procedure

Budapest, 20-23 October 1993 
International workshop: Parliaments and the Protection of the Rights of Minorities in Multicultural Societies for members of parliament from 15 Central, East, and South-East European countries (Part II)

Budapest, 28-29 March 1996
International workshop for the parliaments of eleven Central, East, and South-East European countries: Decentralisation – Tool for Democratic Integration of Different Ethnic Groups into a Single National Citizenship and for Cross Border Regional Co-operation Respectful of State Integrity (Part II)

Bucharest, 2-3 April 1997
Romanian workshop: The Role of Parliamentary Committees and Parliamentary Research Services (In cooperation with the Institute for East-West Studies in Prague, within the framework of the Legislative Issues Service programme.)

Budapest, 1-4 April 2004
Final Regional Conference, “Legislatures and Citizens”